_Destinations: Mexico City
6:00 PM18:00

_Destinations: Mexico City

Global cities face a series of challenges that require evermore innovative design solutions from the designers working within them. From Mexico City to Mumbai and New York to Nanjing, cosmopolitan metropolises are confronted by climate change, shortage of quality affordable housing, and the need to create more meaningful and inclusive public spaces. Furthermore, cities are experiencing increases in immigration, the ongoing transformations from industrial to technological economies, and a need to continue to foster cultural, technological, and social innovation often against backdrops of rising populism and nationalism. Design is pulled between dual poles of the hyper-local and the super-global—solutions that are site-specific and emblematic of emerging paradigms. Global cities, global designers, global challenges—in 2019, the AIANY Global Dialogues Committee travels abroad, city by city, to explore how design is helping cities evolve.

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