Mission Statement

The AIA New York Chapter and its Global Dialogue Committee are committed to the international exchange of knowledge and expertise on a wide variety of topics concerning architecture, urban design and city planning.  Cities around the world have much to learn from each other.  The Global Dialogues Committee is the AIA NY's vehicle to orchestrate exchange of programs, exhibitions and other means of sharing information. 

Our Story

Our members are professionals, both firms’ representatives and individuals with an international interest, who are able to spearhead programs that can reinforce the GDC’s mission. They share a willingness to take an active part in the committee's activities and to serve others. Our Committee Co-Chairs are Elie Gamburg AIA Leed AP, Director - KPF and Benjamin Gilmartin AIA, Partner - Diller Scofidio + Renfro. 

2017 THEME


Contemporary global design practice is immersed in a constant state of flux, exchange, and displacement -- the movement of people, resources, geographic designations and boundaries, money, ideas and social / cultural understanding.   These movements are impelled by political or environmental changes, world conflicts, global market and policy shifts, and generational changes in interaction through technology, among other factors.  

Within this push and pull, “displacement” evokes simultaneity and reciprocity between two competing conditions, one emerging in influence and one diminishing or being offset.  As architects, we are both an active part of these flows and engaged in negotiating, mitigating, fostering and accommodating them. This year’s Global Dialogues looks at a broad and diverse range of urgent sites for engagement by the global design community through the lens of “Displacement."